Videographer Portland

Gray Hughes Bio

Hello. My name is Gray Hughes I am a videographer in Portland Oregon specializing in ceremonies and video editing including: weddings and bar mitzvahs to 3D animation and photo montage DVD's.

I have lived in Oregon since the age of 7. I graduated from Oregon State University in 1990. I began my artistic aspirations in 1992 after the passing of my biological father who was a well known SW artist. I became fascinated with creating the perception of lighting and shading and began to recreate many of his paintings using a computer paint program. My interest then turned to 3d animation programs. Not long after this I bought my first Video Editing software suite which allowed me to edit the video I created.

To hone my skills, I attended the art institute for two years until I was sure that I had the skill necessary to become a videographer in the Portland area.

I strive to produce a high quality product for people to cherish and enjoy. I work very hard on all my projects and you will notice the difference that makes in the final product.


I hope I can be of service to you.