Video Production Services Portland Oregon



Video Editing
3d Animation
DVD Creation

Establishing pace, style, dramatic tone and humor by using creative editing techniques, separates Digital Rain films from the competition


Take a look at our 3d animation demo page. Creative lighting, texturing, modeling and animation techniques set us apart from the pack. We have the ability to create custom characters and models for any project. Weather it is realism or representative models you are after, Digital Rain Films offers an affordable solution for your 3d animation needs.

We design, develop, and create dvd's using industry leading software and hardware. Active, vibrant and easy to use menus are backed up by flawless programming and design flow.


Virtual Tours
Video Transfers

Create a pleasing video virtual tour of any property using clear voiceover and music to establish the mood and feel. An Rmls link and storage will be provided until the property is sold.


Transfer VHS, mini DV, hi8 or 8mm video format to DVD at an affordable cost. Options include editing, custom menus, dvd labels and custom dvd case jacket. It is very important to preserve your VHS tapes or any other analog media on a digital format to ensure the best quality for future generations to enjoy. Degradation of VHS tapes will occur over time and with use.

Digital Rain Films uses 3 high end cameras and microphones (either wireless lapel or shotgun microphones) to capture great video and audio which will allow us to use the best shot and audio for any sequence.


Photo Restoration
Photo Montage
Cassette to CD

Here at Digital Rain Films, we can take any damaged or old photograph and bring back the original contrast and colors, while removing cracks and damage spots. This is what we call Photo Restoration.




DVD photo slide show ,or Slideshow DVD, are also known as: DVD photo slideshow, DVD photo album, photomontage, video slide show, family slide show, wedding photo montage, or digital photo montage. These terms all refer to a beautiful, memorable DVD presentation of your favorite photos, slides, negatives, or videos set to your choice of music. These are great for weddings, birthdays or any special event.



Digital Rain Films can transfer your old audio cassette tapes to CD with chapters if you want. We can also transfer old records to CD for your listening convenience.